How Can Schools Prevent Sexual Abuse?

The offices of Dr. Jefferey Freiden is proud to partner with Stop It Now!

Stop It Now!

Stop It Now! prevents the sexual abuse of children by mobilizing adults, families and communities to take actions that protect children before they are harmed.

They provide support, information and resources to keep children safe and create healthier communities. Since 1992, Stop It Now! has identified, refined and shared effective ways for individuals, families and communities to act to prevent child sexual abuse before children are harmed – and to get help for everyone involved.

Our Programs

Help Services-Provides direct help to individuals with questions or concerns about child sexual abuse. We offer help for specific situations through a confidential national prevention Helpline (1.888.PREVENT), email and chat services, an interactive Online Help Center, and our “Ask Now!” advice column.

Prevention Education-Develops, assesses and distributes educational materials through our website, publications, trainings, events and media campaigns. These help laypeople and professionals recognize harmful behavior and know how to take action – including where to get resources for action.

Technical Assistance & Training – Provides consulting and brings our Circles of Safety training services to professionals, youth-serving organizations, coalitions, and community-based programs on strategies, policies and practices for preventing child sexual abuse. 

Prevention Advocacy-Advocates for the sexual abuse of children to be addressed as a public health priority, encourages increased investment in a full range of prevention strategies, and provides evidence-based information to media, policymakers and advocacy groups. 

Get Help Now!

Are you concerned for the safety of a child and don’t know what to do? Looking for support on talking with others about your concerns? Need accurate information, guidance and resources? Worried about your own thoughts or behaviors? Call our office, direct or contact SIN’s Helpline at 1.888.PREVENT. They strive to provide support, guidance and information to adults who wish to speak confidentially with Helpline staff. They are open Monday through Friday from 12pm to 6pm EST.  The Helpline is closed for standard business holidays.

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