Finding A Pre/Post Evaluations Expert in Tennessee

Pre-sentence Evaluations

We offer All pre-sentence and Pre-Disposition related sexually offended and psychosexual evaluations.This includes a detailed risk assessment and other research based risk and protective factors. The following are key examples of justice–driven assessments that we provide: Pre–sentence investigations/pre–disposition reports; Intake/classification assessments; and Assessments to develop initial supervision or case management plans.

Post Sentence Evaluations

We are experienced and specialize in the post sentence process by analyzing sex offenders and psychosexual evaluations.

Dr. Freiden has expertise in evaluating individuals charged with sexual crimes, and performing comprehensive credible sex offender risk assessments that have been accepted by both the State and federal courts. Counseling and psychosexual evaluation of a sexual offender requires a review of all materials relevant to the offenses, including statements to the police, previous psychosexual evaluation, witness accounts of his/her behavior, and past criminal record.

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