Assessing Sex Offender Risk EvaluationsEvaluations

A  Sex Offender Risk” Evaluations  court evaluation focuses on an individual’s sexual development, sexual history, paraphilic interests, sexual adjustment and recidivism risk level.

The psychosexual evaluation is forensic in nature, which generally means that the subject may be non–voluntary and the referral stems from legal proceedings.

Able Assessment Administration

This Objective Test is administered on a computer that is independent of rater bias or an examiner’s own beliefs. It consists of two assessments. The first is a psychological assessment that uses a bank of questions that are marked and compared against exacting scoring data that has been standardized. The second is an assessment of Visual Reaction Time (VRT) which is an objective measure of sexual interest in boys or girls and adults, ages 6-13, 14-17 and 21 years or older and six other categories of potential sexual interest.

Using these two assessments, each client is given an objective ranking of his or her sexual interest in children, adults, specific paraphilia, and 23 common deviant sexual behaviors. These include child molestation, child internet contact (for sexual purposes), child pornography, internet adult pornography obsession, among others.   No test is foolproof and all tests must be interpreted regarding their relevance to the client.

For more than 20 Years, I have provided expert court testimony across multiple states for Defense attorneys in protecting their clients. I have also provided expert court testimony for The federal Bureau of Prisons, The federal Office of Probation and Parole, and for Department of Corrections for Tennessee and other states.

I conduct Psycho-Sexual evaluations to provide an understanding of probabilities and rates of risk for reoffending. My office also offers Sex Offender Specific Treatment for both court order requirements and for persons seeking treatment.


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