Are Your Pre-Sentence and Post Sentence Evaluations in Tact?

When it comes to Compiling ad evaluating your Pre-Sentence and Post Sentence Evaluations, it is important to make sure the “I’s” are dotted and the ‘T’s” are crossed.

We Offer objective, comprehensive, and thorough sex offender evaluations (Sex Offender risk evaluations assessments) for individuals charged with a sexual crime, including pre-plea and pre-sentence sex offender evaluations, as well as sex offender evaluations for probation.  Dr. Freiden is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Tennessee with the Mental Health Service Provider (MHSP) designation. He is a Tennessee Sex Offender Treatment Board Approved Provider, which is a requirement for clinicians Sex Offender Risk Evaluations. This can include individual, group, family  (Family counseling is sometimes  used for reunification services)

We offer All pre-sentence and Pre-Disposition related sexually offended and Sex Offender risk evaluations.This includes a detailed risk assessment and other research based risk and protective factors. The following are key examples of justice–driven assessments that we provide: Pre–sentence investigations/pre–disposition reports; Intake/classification assessments; and Assessments to develop initial supervision or case management plans.

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