What is the Adam Walsh Act?

The Adam Walsh Act can prohibit citizens with a sex offense conviction from filing a family-based visa petition. These are usually based on inaccurate beliefs of “once an offender, always an offender ” and not based on scientific data. Still, it becomes the citizen’s burden of proof to show that they are not a threat to the beneficiary of the visa petitioner.

Using multiple measures and testing tools, a valid Sex Offender Risk Evaluation can be used to help support the petitioner’s claim. An assessment cannot prove the innocence or guilt of a person convicted of a sexual offense. However, the science says no one has a zero risk of committing a sexual offense. This assessment, written with documentation of the published scientific data, can help to determine an accurate risk level. This has been used in many Immigration Court cases.

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I regularly conduct Sex Offender Risk Evaluations that provide an understanding of actual risks for a new offense.

For close to 30 Years, I have provided Sexual Risk Evaluations and court testimony across multiple states for Immigration and Criminal Defense Lawyers. I have provided Sexual Risk Evaluations and court testimony for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, The Federal Office of Probation and Parole, and for Department of Corrections.

I believe that my background and my expertise in conducting and explaining pre and post-sentence evaluations can greatly assist you and your client.

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